(Many) Econlinks

  • Brief but pertinent thoughts of Ricardo Caballero on the (real) causes and solutions to the current financial crisis.
  • Bill Easterly (and colleagues) have just started a very promising blog, Aid Watch.
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Romania gets a B for its flag. Think anthems, next…

With too much indulgence, I’d say. For one, lack of originality (compare us to Greece, same grade!) should not be rewarded… The full rankings are here (alphabetical order here). For the grading criteria see here (and feel free to disagree, of course…).  → Read more

Mioritic achievements of bad renown. And their primary causes.

No one, it turns out, does Internet auction fraud like the Romanians. […]
when it comes to online auctions, particularly for big-ticket items such as cars that can yield $5,000 a scam, Romanians own the game. Romanian police estimate that cyber-crime is now a multimillion-dollar national industry, as important to organized criminals here as drug smuggling or human trafficking.
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Politica fara tromf si… parerile fara suport

Tare ma tem ca Sorin Matei iarasi se leaga de lucruri unde nu are in mod necesar toate competentele. Articolul acesta din Adevarul (cu preview si pe pagini.com) are si parti bune (da, un eventual Basescu reloaded ar trebui, in sfarsit, sa-si in serios rolul de Presedinte si sa inceteze sa fie un bufon…desi incep sa ma indoiesc ca are abilitatea necesara si deci ca ar fi doar o chestiune de vointa), chit ca ar putea prezenta o analiza mai obiectiva si pasaje care il plaseaza in seria articolelor deloc impartiale ar putea fi eliminate… Dar, sa ajungem si la marea dilema: sa fie desfiintata Curtea Constitutionala→ Read more

Economic debate on the role of democracy for economic growth and on the role of human capital for democracy

hosted by the Wall Street Journal. The two debaters are established stars of the Economics academe, despite being relatively young still, Daron Acemoglu and respectively, Edward Glaeser (by the way, I bet on Ed Glaeser winning this edition’s (2007) John Bates Clark Medal– it is also his last chance, given the rules regarding the age of the recipient; Daron Acemoglu was the latest winner, two years ago).  → Read more

Our Bulgarian neighbours and their bus stations or How to make buses popular again, as transport means? :-)

‘We wanted to give the passengers something to take their minds off the cold and to pass the time while waiting for a bus“. Only ‘soft’ porn (duh…), but I guess it’d warm them up a bit anyway: Bulgarian invention→ Read more

Remodeling Europe’s churches (with a focus on Transylvania’s old ‘fortress churches’)

This is a very, very interesting article from Newsweek International about the status of old churches throughout all of Europe (with pros and cons to maintaining or converting them etc). Inter alia, they do not forget mentioning Paradiso, one of the most famous clubs in Amsterdam (and certainly one of my favourites), obtained by transforming an old church.  → Read more

Romania and team building

In The Economist’s print edition of the 6th – 12th of Jan, a very interesting article notices the official entry of Romania and Bulgaria, “the new kids on the block”, in the European Union.

The article’s one line argument is- rightly- that both countries are “economically and politically backward” and that the “Balkan pair’s road to EU prosperity and stability” will be very hard.  → Read more

Status of Ethnic Minorities in Romania: Past, Present, Future

With this imposing title I tried a few years ago to impress my professors for one of the best courses in Political Sciences taken while a student at University College Utrecht. Needless to say, I also succeded in that (the teachers simply liked me too much), though, if I look now back to this paper, I have the impression that I wrote it with my feet- when counting the number of mistakes etc… Anyway, I guess (some of) the ideas still hold.  → Read more