Flawless: Kseniya

I have not seen anything more dramatic and powerful than this in the modern art world perhaps since Pink Floyd’s The Wall movie. This is a work of perfection, there is no single detail left to chance; for instance, obviously it could have only ended apocalyptically— on Apocalyptica’s version of Nothing Else Matters.

After this, what is left for us to write? I bow in front of the real talent.


8 thoughts on “Flawless: Kseniya”

  1. Tu nu erai asezat la casa ta? :-). Sau ziceai ca vrei sa le vezi pe ucrainience impresionand la frontiera artei vizuale: nu de alta, dar nu cred ca poti necesar generaliza :-).

  2. Maestre, vezi ca toti rusii ti-or trimite comentarii mai nou ntz ntz. Cind merem in vizita la vecinele noastre ucrainiene 😉

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