Econlinks: The Freudian interlude

  • Seinfeld’s spongeworthy Elaine, an unusual, limited-purpose –but very thorough– option theory application, by the one and only Avinash Dixit.
  •  All passé now, but hopefully you did pick your favorite Cupid
  • New academic econ world order… but only if you fail to control for the quality of the journals  those papers are published in (my conjecture is that if you take only the top 5-10 journals, the US-EU average gap actually widened).
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Econlinks: Of (visual) art, old and new

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Flawless: Kseniya

I have not seen anything more dramatic and powerful than this in the modern art world perhaps since Pink Floyd’s The Wall movie. This is a work of perfection, there is no single detail left to chance; for instance, obviously it could have only ended apocalyptically— on Apocalyptica’s version of Nothing Else Matters.  → Read more

NBER SI & ICA @ Boston

Mid July, terribly hot, Cambridge, serious Econ research: high time for the yearly NBER Summer Institute. Yesterday I attended an interesting second part of the EF&G Research Meeting, where in particular I’d single out Chetty’s paper on bounding labour supply elasticities with optimization frictions (succeded by Rogerson’s excellent discussion).  → Read more

Sunday night econlinks: Submit the paper right now!

  • The Tilburg Univ “Econ Schools Ranking”. It is indeed using a rather decent pool of journals (for period 2004-2008) and moreover, you can construct your own top by choosing subsets of those journals (such as top 5 only, if you wish).
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After this, what is left for us to write?

… so is said to have rhetorically wondered a deeply impressed Schubert, after witnessing a performance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s String Quartet no. 14 in C sharp minor, Opus 131. And so must repeat yours truly after listening to his favourite Beethoven string quartet, flawlessly performed by the Takács Quartet, in the Lille Sal of the Aarhus Musikhuset— a mere couple of hours ago.  → Read more

Timeless Dances (On Fado and Didge Fusion)

… performed by a fantastic crew of the Queensland Ballet, on their European Tour. François Klaus’s choreography is pure genius work, while William Barton is a most fascinating didgeridu virtuoso and composer (not to mention that he also proved to possess great vocal skills and to play top guitar).  → Read more

Sunday night econlinks

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