Dupa un deceniu, aceleasi intrebari: 1+10 intrebari despre viziunea candidatilor prezidentiali din 2014 (turul II) privind cercetarea, stiinta si tehnologia in Romania

Acum exact 10 ani, adresam cateva intrebari prezidentiabililor de atunci, despre viziunile/ ideile/ planurile lor privind cercetarea stiintifica din Romania. Articolul original a aparut pe portalul online ‘Romania Libera in Viitor’ (RLIV), mai tarziu transformat in ziarul online ‘ACUM’, si poate fi citit in PDF aici→ Read more

Econlinks: The applied maths edition

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On multicore Stata MP performance

Since I am in the middle of some very interesting discussions and experiments concerning this topic: it really does look like the difference in speed between the different multi-core/multi-processor Stata/MP versions is considerable. Right now I am performing a comparison exercise* with my friend and co-author Miguel, where, it turns out, a number of certain estimations with a 8-core Stata/MP 11 take about 10 almost 15 times less real time (I know, I hardly believe it myself) than (almost) the same estimations done with a 2-core Stata/MP 11.  → Read more

What I have been reading

A couple of books I have read within the past few weeks, most of them on my Kindle 3G device(*):
Scott Berkun’s “Confessions of a Public Speaker” (get the Kindle edition): the author is a professional speaker, in front of audiences large and small, hence he has got some very helpful tips for anyone who ever needs to engage in public speaking, mostly drawn from his own experiences.  → Read more

Econlinks: Of (visual) art, old and new

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Econlinks: In degrees of awesomeness

  • Greg Mankiw seems to be arguing for a European-type separate master + PhD graduate Econ program– such as those at LSE, Oxford, Pompeu Fabra, Tinbergen Institute, and (I guess) the newish Paris School of Economics entity– rather than the US-type graduate PhD package, which comes with a (usually elective) master on the way (that is somewhat ironic, given the desire of the typical high-aspiring European place to ultimately emulate the US top places).
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Sunday night econlinks

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Weekend econlinks

  • Sharing information in scientific research: yes/no/when. Interesting, but the analysis here is applicable only in the context of some sciences (arguably, not most). Moreover, sharing by means of co-authorship is discussed at best indirectly (if one is willing to expand on their repeated interaction game thread…).
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Top Gear in Romania. Or: keep up with the Sandero!

If you’re not going to die of laughter before that, you will when the Dacia Sandero appears (and overtakes them) :-). Oh, and this gem from Clarkson is to save for further reference: “If Simon Cowell came here [Mamaia, Romania], they’d put him on income support“.  → Read more