On multicore Stata MP performance

Since I am in the middle of some very interesting discussions and experiments concerning this topic: it really does look like the difference in speed between the different multi-core/multi-processor Stata/MP versions is considerable. Right now I am performing a comparison exercise* with my friend and co-author Miguel, where, it turns out, a number of certain estimations with a 8-core Stata/MP 11 take about 10 almost 15 times less real time (I know, I hardly believe it myself) than (almost) the same estimations done with a 2-core Stata/MP 11.  → Read more

Sunday night econlinks

  • A neat project would be to infer the extent of school spirit from the estimate of the price elasticity implied by the prices that different university cemeteries charge“– very much so, indeed– though looks only applicable/relevant for a few places in the USA (most likely unrepresentative even of the USA entire university universe, not to even mention Europe or others).
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Econlinks for 04 Oct ’07

  • Rules vs. discretion: Posner continues Becker‘s entry on rules versus discretion in the context of central banks’ decisions, but by doing so he also provides an excellent general discussion on the law and economics of the subject.
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