Read of the week / Quote of the week

My read of the week is John Cochrane superbly answering to this… well, “protest letter” (the latter being the reason why one of the labels for this post is “pathetic”). Probably only Milton Friedman himself could have done a better job than Cochrane here… I actually choose the following paragraphy as quote of the week:

Milton Friedman stood for freedom, social, political, and economic.
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Econlinks for 18-02-’08

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Quote for week 27th of Jan- 2nd of Feb ’08

In fact, science clashes with the democratic ideal. Though it is meritocratic, it is practiced in the elite and effete world of academe, leaving the vast majority of citizens unable to contribute to it in any meaningful way. Science is about freedom of thought, yet at the same time it imposes a tyranny of ideas.

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Unire intru fanatism…

… sau intru prostie, as completa eu. Costi Rogozanu scrie foarte bine pe blogul sau despre recentul protest al Patriarhiei Romane vizand traducerea in romana a “Versetelor Satanice” scrise de Salman Rushdie. Am zis ‘foarte bine’ mai sus; asta nu acopera insa si remarca lui Rogozanu referitoare la “stilul greoi emfatic al lui Rushdie“, dar ma rog, sa o lasam la de gustibus (desi m-as fi asteptat la mai mult de la Rogozanu si ajung sa ma intreb cat a citit din Rushdie…).  → Read more

Econlinks for 27-12-’07

  • How to avoid recession in USA: Greg Mankiw’s answer. Gary Becker and Richard Posner advocate a similar perspective (the argument is centered, of course, on the subprime housing mess). Former Fed boss Greenspan already said that one should do absolutely nothing and wait for the bubble to break on its own, just as the people above (e.g.
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One hour conversation with Richard Freeman (on YouTube)

Shortly after having posted a link to an IZA clip about Richard Freeman among a recent ‘econlinks’ post, I discovered, via Greg Mankiw, this other link to a very recent (October 31st) whole one hour interview with Freeman on YouTube, within the “Conversations with History” series, having Harry Kreisler as host.  → Read more

Econlinks for 04 Oct ’07

  • Rules vs. discretion: Posner continues Becker‘s entry on rules versus discretion in the context of central banks’ decisions, but by doing so he also provides an excellent general discussion on the law and economics of the subject.
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Read of the day: “Rational Atheism”

Michael Shermer at his best. The gist:

Whenever religious beliefs conflict with scientific facts or violate principles of political liberty, we must respond with appropriate aplomb. Nevertheless, we should be cautious about irrational exuberance.

Rational atheism values the truths of science and the power of reason, but the principle of freedom stands above both science and religion.  → Read more

Libertatea de alegere in educatia pre-universitara

…e atacata frontal in ceea ce constituie cea mai recenta mostra de imbecilitate a MEdC. Se intampla desigur in Romania, un stat care, pe hartie, se declara “neutru fata de orice credinta religioasa sau ideologie atee“. My forecast: MEdC actual va cadea in curand; si mai important, in sfarsit exista motiv si scop suficient pentru incurajarea si sustinerea scolilor particulare, care s-ar detasa de ideile infantile ale sindicalistilor si guvernantilor (de acum si de pururea).  → Read more