Despre universuri paralele in evaluarea performantei in cercetare economica, in Adevarul

Remus Florescu de la Adevarul a publicat recent un excelent articol pe marginea concluziilor studiuluiDemotivarea performantei: cazul criteriilor nationale de evaluare a cercetarii in Stiintele Economice din Romaniastudiu realizat in decembrie anul trecut impreuna cu Cristian Litan si Gheorghe Silaghi, si pe care il puteti accesa public in format articol PDF, format blog (incluzand comentarii si reactii la comentarii), format (sectiune de) raport mai amplu TT-G3A publicat in Revista de Politica Stiintei si Scientometrie, format rezumat in engleza, sau format scurta prezentare la recent incheiata conferinta ERMAS 2016 de la Timisoara.  → Read more

General von Hammerstein’s lessons for the (not only) Romanian (not only) Economics academe

Since I’ve lately (and anew…) got quite an unexpected lot of questions concerning the ‘optimal allocation of existing human resources in the Romanian Economics academe’ (never ad litteram formulated as such, but you get the point…), I’ve now decided to briefly depict publicly what I typically answer(ed).  → Read more

Spre Excelenta in Cercetarea si Invatamantul Post-Universitar in Stiintele Economice din Romania

Invit comentarii la discutia mea de 50 de minute live cu Marius Benta– excelenta gazda a rubricii “Vocile Clujului”– de la Digi24 Cluj-Napoca, 28 iulie 2015, despre (o parte din) pasii necesari pentru atingerea excelentei in cercetarea stiintifica din Stiintele Economice (dar si in general) in Romania→ Read more

1a Editie a Conferintei Economistilor Romani din Mediul Academic din Strainatate (ERMAS). Comunicat al Coordonatorilor.

La adresele web si respectiv veti gasi programul recent actualizat al Primei Editii a Conferintei Stiintifice a Economistilor Romani din Mediul Academic din Strainatate (ERMAS), gazduita de Universitatea Babes-Bolyai (UBB), Facultatea de Stiinte Economice si Gestiunea Afacerilor (FSEGA), la Cluj-Napoca, intre 18-22 August 2014 (potentiale completari/ actualizari pana la versiunea finala sunt posibile).  → Read more

Despre economia Romaniei (si nu numai). Fragmente dintr-un interviu nepublicat

Cat de “negru” considerati ca va fi 2012 din punct de vedere economico/financiar si cum ar putea fi afectata Romania?
Nu avem, din nefericire, motive sa jubilam. Pe fondul deteriorarii perspectivei economice in general, si datorita crizei din zona euro in particular, 2012 va fi incert si pentru Romania.  → Read more

Facts and fantasy about the financial crisis

I find it the most lucid summary (and criticism) of almost everything influential that has been published on the financial crisis so far. Some of the books are reviewed too briefly, and some newer ones are completely omitted, but nonetheless I think this is the most concise and useful general-purpose article written on the crisis as yet.  → Read more

My Nobel Econ 2011 prediction

I say Ernst Fehr, Matthew Rabin, and Richard Thaler for their contributions to behavioral economics (I even bet 3$ on this, but for some yet unclear reason that pool has closed, with my money returned). In any case, I think it would be highly suspicious if I got it right also this time, given I got it perfectly last year and almost perfectly the year before that→ Read more

More matching in Chicago

My research whereabouts: after an inspiring matching workshop at Kellogg, Northwestern: “Matching: findings, flaws and future” (workshop schedule in PDF)  a month and a half ago, I will attend another a priori very interesting conference on matching at the Milton Friedman Institute, University of Chicago, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: “Matching and price theory” (conference schedule in PDF).  → Read more

Econlinks: The Dale T. Mortensen Nobel edition

  • The most recent event under this heading is the Northwestern conference in the honor of Dale— with some very good and some not so good presentations…– featuring also some  very (and some not so) entertaining speeches by former Mortensen students, co-authors, advisers etc, either at the dinner at the Northwestern Allen Center on Friday evening, or at the drinks & snacks session at Beverly and Dale’s splendid home (photo with Ija on their balcony) on Saturday evening.
  → Read more