Weekend econlinks: The quest for perfection

  • Gelman writes a useful overview on causality and statistical learning (caveat lector: I have only read through Angrist and Pischke’s book, among the three Gelman mentiones; that one is very well written, but aimed at junior graduate students at best: hence, the book’s tag “an empiricist’s companion” is overselling it; and that has nothing to do with Josh Angrist kindly “advising” me to change my PhD topic/focus, sometime in my beginning graduate years, because ‘nobody serious would be interested in structural modelling’ :-)).
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CES 2008 and Bill’s last keynote speech

SciAm’s full coverage of the ’08 CES. From where surely you won’t miss the Bill Gates bits: Bill on the future of robotics; Bill giving a personal tour of MS’s new “surface”. And, of course, Bill’s last CES keynote address, fully available for instance on YouTube (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, plus of course, the end— where Bill has his Guitar Hero moment & Slash literally rocks).  → Read more