Econlinks: On crises. And opportunities

  • Crises and opportunities in Balkan science policy (start, more). A word of caution for my Romanian pals, among whom a new risk of self-denying optimism– expected to turn into the usual complacency– appears contagious: con calma, this is at best a mediocre start (though, granted, a start it is).
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Hup Holland Hup!

With a very pertinent quote from my good old friend Robert, which best summarizes what needs to happen tomorrow (today, if you are on European soil):

Indeed, the defence is crucial, as is violence on the midfield. For the first time in years Holland has a pair of complete bastards in the midfield (De Jong and Van Bommel).

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The new Danish ranking of journals

Ridiculous, if you ask me (needless to state, this is a very personal opinion). Unfortunately, in Economics (you find that category under “Samfundsøkonomi” in the linked pdf), there will be many years till Denmark will catch up with the best places in the Netherlands, for instance (see here an Economics journal ranking of the Tinbergen Institute (TI) , which has its imperfections– such as Journal of Finance placed in the ‘AA’ category… — but it is way way better), in competitiveness, attitude in this context etc.  → Read more

Sunday night econlinks

  • Bilingualism and early child development: very interesting brand-new research in PNAS (institutional or individual subscription needed, else only abstract is free). And yes, bilingualism clearly pays off, if you were wondering.
  • Vienna and the largest Swiss cities top Mercer’s quality of living index for ’09, while Munich appears to be the winner if you account simultaneously for both quality of living (position 7) and infrastructure (position 2).
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Yes, I’ve been all Id today: hope my Egos will catch up with me tomorrow 🙂

Otherwise, here’s the musical journey I experienced within the last two months of my 20s. It does sound dramatic, doesn’t it?…

  • 1st of Feb, Amsterdam: a delicious Schubert+Piazzolla+Schubert sandwich prepared by the Artemis Quartet- in detail
  • 4th of Feb, Amsterdam: the one and only Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, under the excellent and lately omnipresent (at least simultaneously in Amsterdam and Munich…) Mariss Jansons, with a fabulous Tannhäuser Overture, followed by ‘Siegfried’s Rhein Journey’ and ‘Sigfried’s Death and Funeral Music’ from the “Twilight of Gods”.
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Sunday morning econlinks

  • Incentives and globalization, a brief but very interesting interview with Luis Garicano. Topics tackled here are CEOs, football, and…everything else.
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Schubert meets Piazzolla in Amsterdam

…or Schubert young+Piazzolla+Schubert old. All that yesterday evening at the Concertgebouw, in a superlative interpretation of the Artemis Quartet (see also here), joined by pianist Jacques Ammon. This time they’ve been even more impressive than almost 5 years ago, when I witnessed them giving a lesson of Schumann interpretation, in the very same place.  → Read more

(Many) Econlinks

  • Brief but pertinent thoughts of Ricardo Caballero on the (real) causes and solutions to the current financial crisis.
  • Bill Easterly (and colleagues) have just started a very promising blog, Aid Watch.
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