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For some reason I (once in a while) remember something Supachai Panichpakdi, then-WTO boss, said at a keynote speach in a Rotterdam conference celebrating 100 years since the birth of Jan Tinbergen (earlier on this blog, in Romanian): namely that we, then-PhD students in Economics, should stop reading [all sorts of books, papers etc.] and start writing immediately [papers, books, anything?], without wasting any further time (footnote here: — which I do not know if Blogger can handle– next to that, Dr.  → Read more

Sunday night econlinks

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The new Danish ranking of journals

Ridiculous, if you ask me (needless to state, this is a very personal opinion). Unfortunately, in Economics (you find that category under “Samfundsøkonomi” in the linked pdf), there will be many years till Denmark will catch up with the best places in the Netherlands, for instance (see here an Economics journal ranking of the Tinbergen Institute (TI) , which has its imperfections– such as Journal of Finance placed in the ‘AA’ category… — but it is way way better), in competitiveness, attitude in this context etc.  → Read more

(Many) Econlinks for the Weekend

  • If you’re at all into arithmetics (and not only) you might like this concise exposé on very big numbers (think Ackerman series, Busy Beavers and the like if you are dubious about what “very big” stands for in this context…).
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Read of the week / Quote of the week

My read of the week is John Cochrane superbly answering to this… well, “protest letter” (the latter being the reason why one of the labels for this post is “pathetic”). Probably only Milton Friedman himself could have done a better job than Cochrane here… I actually choose the following paragraphy as quote of the week:

Milton Friedman stood for freedom, social, political, and economic.
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Culmea pateticului pe saptamana curenta

Domnul Daianu, fost economist…, “ataca” din nou (vezi si isprava precedenta, comentata)… Introducerea textului din Dilema Veche uita sa precizeze ca nici un economist serios nu se afla intre semnatarii ‘scrisorii’, cu toate ca politicienii respectivi (unii dintre ei economisti ratati sau/si politicieni frustrati, altii simpli naivi) “aparţin unor grupări politice diferite […] depăşirea barierelor ideologice adăugînd un plus de importanţă documentului.” (sic!).  → Read more

Academia patetica… ad infinitum

Din pacate, din ceea ce a reprezentat odata Academia Romana, eticheta academica a ramas doar in nume; daca institutia s-a remarcat prin ceva in ultimii ani, e vorba de a). cvasi-invizibilitate pe scena academica/educationala/sociala etc. (speram ca lucrurile sa se schimbe o data cu Ionel Haiduc, un om de stiinta in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, ajuns presedinte; asteptarile nu s-au materializat…) si b).  → Read more


Cat despre

a. decorarea post-mortem a Patriarhului de catre Presedintele Basescu (pur si simplu in calitatea defunctului de Patriarh al BOR si ignorand complet trecutul ‘problematic’–caveat lector: dovedit— al acestuia; Dan Tapalaga e singurul jurnalist-analist-etc. care in zilele acestea nu sufera de lapsus memoriae…, iar despre poftele recente, mai putin divine, ale Patriarhului nimanui pare sa nu-i mai pese de la Dinescu-Bulgakov incoace…)

si despre

Pseudo-science at its best: “International Journal for Creation Research”

Check it up for yourselves. One of the most entertaining parts is the remark from their “Technical Review Process, Overview and Procedures”.

The Editor-in-Chief should not be afraid to reject a Paper if it does not properly satisfy the above criteria nor is in the best interests of ICR as judged by its Biblical stand and goals as outlined in its Tenets.
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