Ah não ser eu toda a gente e toda a parte!

I’ve watched it most recently via this smart* video rental & online streaming service called Netflix : a true gem of a movie, albeit one of the most underrated cinematographic creations of the past decades (does not have a RottenTomatoes critics’ rating!  → Read more

Sunday night econlinks

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On Noncommutative Geometry, String Theory, and the EU vs. US academe

All this in a 2005 interview with Alain Connes, in Iran (initial link to the PDF of the interview via Tyler Cowen, on MR).

First, I think this is a very welcome, very open interview (several questions/comments are just great, congrats to the interviewers!) and it is extremely interesting to see the opinion of this great mathematician (inter alia, Fields Medalist in 1982) on a wide range of topics.  → Read more

Weekend Econlinks

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Culmea pateticului pe saptamana curenta

Domnul Daianu, fost economist…, “ataca” din nou (vezi si isprava precedenta, comentata)… Introducerea textului din Dilema Veche uita sa precizeze ca nici un economist serios nu se afla intre semnatarii ‘scrisorii’, cu toate ca politicienii respectivi (unii dintre ei economisti ratati sau/si politicieni frustrati, altii simpli naivi) “aparţin unor grupări politice diferite […] depăşirea barierelor ideologice adăugînd un plus de importanţă documentului.” (sic!).  → Read more

EU beer drinking profiles

Findings, inter alia: Danes and Swedes are the true beer lovers; Romanians, the most generous beer drinkers, though I bet that only holds for Romanian-priced beer. What SABMiller’s sponsored descriptive study didn’t ask is what types of beer people actually prefer, across the EU countries; or perhaps their own brands did not fare well?  → Read more

Nu inca, nu in guvernul acesta…

Citesc pe Hotnews. Theodor Paleologu e categoric cel mai calificat pentru functia aceasta (si in cativa ani- depinzand desigur de evolutia dumnealui, ie. inca nu e sigur ca nu ar exista volatilitate…- mult peste functia aceasta)- si nu doar pentru ca e ‘tanar, cunoscut si cu un trecut “curat” ‘ (in particular, ca stil diplomatic, spontaneitate, realism etc., e mult deasupra lui Mihai Razvan Ungureanu- cu care de altfel m-am intalnit si am avut chiar si un mini-chat la Londra- care e ‘tanar, cunoscut si cu un trecut “aproape curat” :-)’)- dar nu e deloc momentul sa accepte acum.  → Read more

Romania and team building

In The Economist’s print edition of the 6th – 12th of Jan, a very interesting article notices the official entry of Romania and Bulgaria, “the new kids on the block”, in the European Union.

The article’s one line argument is- rightly- that both countries are “economically and politically backward” and that the “Balkan pair’s road to EU prosperity and stability” will be very hard.  → Read more