What I have been reading

A couple of books I have read within the past few weeks, most of them on my Kindle 3G device(*):
Scott Berkun’s “Confessions of a Public Speaker” (get the Kindle edition): the author is a professional speaker, in front of audiences large and small, hence he has got some very helpful tips for anyone who ever needs to engage in public speaking, mostly drawn from his own experiences.  → Read more

George Stigler could do anything–anything but be boring

 […] I must out of courtesy and caution reserve judgment on any laws that Professor Stigler may unveil. For, as I learned when our friendship began long ago, George Stigler can do anything– anything but be boring.

-Paul Samuelson-
Here’s the Sunday read I recommend to you: a great 1963 dialogue on the “proper economic role of the state” between two intellectual giants, George Stigler(*, **) and Paul Samuelson.  → Read more

Quote for week 10th-16th Feb ’08

At the root of the difference between the Libertarian and welfarist-Utilitarian conception of optimal tax policy is the relationship of the individual to the state. The welfarist-Utilitarian model sees the state as an entity outside the individuals who compose it, in that the government puts in place policies that are optimal according to its own social welfare function.

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Quote for week 7th-13th of October ’07

In order to cure most ills of human life, I require not that man should have the wings of the eagle, the swiftness of the stag, the force of the ox, the arms of the lion, the scales of the crocodile or rhinoceros; much less do I demand the sagacity of an angel or cherubim.  → Read more

What I’ve been reading…

Some recommendations among the books I’ve recently finished reading:

  • On Bullshit” by Harry Frankfurt, truly a gem of a book (in fact a book in miniature; it can be read in less than an hour). Teaches you the obvious and not so obvious differences between “bullshit”, “humbug” and “lies” & much more than that… I guarantee you that you’ll love it; I chose a fragment of this book as last week’s quote on my blog.
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‘Waking Life’ or ‘Salsa Dancing with My Confusion’

I’ve just found this very nice short clip on YouTube about the ‘making of’ one of my favourite movies of all times (on certain criteria it is in my top 5 and for sure on top 10 all movies I have ever seen- which , by the way, gives me the idea of compiling a list with my top 25 or so, for a future post).  → Read more