Despre economia Romaniei (si nu numai). Fragmente dintr-un interviu nepublicat

Cat de “negru” considerati ca va fi 2012 din punct de vedere economico/financiar si cum ar putea fi afectata Romania?
Nu avem, din nefericire, motive sa jubilam. Pe fondul deteriorarii perspectivei economice in general, si datorita crizei din zona euro in particular, 2012 va fi incert si pentru Romania.  → Read more

Romanian article of the week: Dan Tapalaga with “Best of Boc, Blaga, Paleologu”

This blogpost is only for those who can read Romanian (and ultimately really regards only those still interested  in the political life, in particular concerned with various elections, in Romania– who are less and less every day, including here the Romanians themselves; a by-product of the article linked below is in fact providing a rationale to explain that trend).  → Read more

US Government shutdown menorah

…and some of us were worried about Portugal

At midnight, if the President and Congress have not reached an agreement on funding measures, the U.S. government will shutdown, referred to as a funding gap, until an agreement is reached to either extend a temporary funding measure or a final budget deal is made.
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George Stigler could do anything–anything but be boring

 […] I must out of courtesy and caution reserve judgment on any laws that Professor Stigler may unveil. For, as I learned when our friendship began long ago, George Stigler can do anything– anything but be boring.

-Paul Samuelson-
Here’s the Sunday read I recommend to you: a great 1963 dialogue on the “proper economic role of the state” between two intellectual giants, George Stigler(*, **) and Paul Samuelson.  → Read more

Econlinks: The ‘Economics and Reality’ edition

  • Harald Uhlig has an interesting recent paper entitled “Economics and Reality”  (intentionally recalling Sims’s 1980 ECMA, indeed) . While he discusses the relationship between Economics and Reality (yep, isn’t that what you all hope to hear?) mainly in terms of Macroeconomics (you know, the black sheep of the family), I thought he does that in an informative and at the same time very concise way.
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Sunday night econlinks

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Sunday econlinks

  • One of the reasons I just love reading Landsburg: he is acid and funny. Here’s something that hopefully will open a longer exchange between him and Krugman: I really think Steve Landsburg is the proper counterpart to Paul Krugman in any debate (NB: Mankiw is great, but too serious and not engaging–understandably– enough in the type of debate Krugman seems to love).
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Prediction markets for the upcoming Romanian Presidential election

I opened up two distinct markets (with the help of InklingMarkets— hat tip to Al Roth, on Market Design), both active until November 21st (the first election round is on November 22nd, the eventual second one on December 6th) :
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