Econlinks: Of (visual) art, old and new

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Klausenburg, anno 1865

WHEN you leave Szamos Ujvár, the road passes straight over a plain, with little or nothing to relieve the monotony. A Hungarian village or two, a nobleman’s mansion with the surrounding farm-buildings,-that is all, until the tall spire and the various towers of Klausenburg rise before you.

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(New) Dutch architecture or urbanism in three dimensions

Here’s an excellent article in NYTimes about MVRDV, nowadays the (no reservations) top Dutch architects (here’s their website, describing their projects etc.; here’s a brief slideshow presentation of some of their work, accompanying the article above). And a contender for best quote this week, from the same article:
The Dutch population is essentially antiurban,” de Vries says.
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Remodeling Europe’s churches (with a focus on Transylvania’s old ‘fortress churches’)

This is a very, very interesting article from Newsweek International about the status of old churches throughout all of Europe (with pros and cons to maintaining or converting them etc). Inter alia, they do not forget mentioning Paradiso, one of the most famous clubs in Amsterdam (and certainly one of my favourites), obtained by transforming an old church.  → Read more