Wine of the Year: Saxum, James Berry Paso Robles 2007

I believe it is the first time since I know it– though it might well be first time ever–that Wine Spectator’s top 10 is dominated by New World wines. The winner is Saxum, James Berry Vineyard Paso Robles 2007, “[a]n amazing wine, dense, rich and layered, offering a mix of power and finesse, with concentrated dark berry fruit, mineral, sage, herb and cedar notes that are pure, intense, focused and persistent.  → Read more

Albert Einstein Bizottság: Szerelem

I don’t think it has occured to any of you that simulated maximum likelihood OX programs, which often take days to converge (given I do not–yet!– have the parallel computing power I would love to possess…), run much faster if in the meantime one listens to Albert Einstein Committee’s brilliant music.  → Read more

The hard road to Transylvania

4 hours inside a KLM/Malev plane that just wouldn’t take off at Schiphol (after 2 extra hours of waiting for the– eventually, wrong– plane to arrive); a (involuntary, for a change) night spent in beautiful but frozen Budapest (helped by the fact that my friend Balint was very inspired for the dinner suggestion; even the house white wine was very decent!– though nothing like my favourite Hungarian white); quality time the next day (inter alia, absolutely great mushroom soup and venison with juniper berries, for lunch!) spent with my good old friend, master of all things Budapest, Daniel, while waiting for the uncertainty concerning trains towards Cluj to be resolved; and partly resolved it was after endless hours, although they forgot to provide a 1st class (they were considerate enough to give me a full 2nd class compartment instead, all the 8 hours long trip…enough time to go through quite a few Econometrica articles, tons of coffee, and a number of jazz and classical music albums…); but, finally, Transylvania it is, for the last couple of days: great feeling to be home→ Read more

Klausenburg, anno 1865

WHEN you leave Szamos Ujvár, the road passes straight over a plain, with little or nothing to relieve the monotony. A Hungarian village or two, a nobleman’s mansion with the surrounding farm-buildings,-that is all, until the tall spire and the various towers of Klausenburg rise before you.

  → Read more

Budapest redux, with a Cserszegi Fűszeres flavour

My whereabouts: returning to Aarhus after a couple of days in wonderful Budapest, where, inter alia, I had a poster presentation in an interesting ‘Wages, Firms and LEED data’ workshop, at CEU. The highlight this time was a well organized wine tasting evening at the Szabadság Kávéház (certainly worth a visit if you are around); pity that Ady Endre had to watch but couldn’t join in… With this occasion, I have discovered that I just adore the Cserszegi Fűszeres varietal when it comes to white Hungarian wines.  → Read more

Gone southeastwards

…though only as far as Budapest, which I am enjoying (as always; I love this city!) since yesterday evening. Among other things, I’ll be presenting two papers (one is here, the other one available only as abstract for now on this page or in this conference handbook) at the Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data (CAED) conference, cruise the Danube, drink top Tokaji wines and admire the beautiful Hungarian women around :-).  → Read more

Today’s musical piece: “Varjú”, by Másfél

The musical (re)treat for today is “Varjú” (“Crow”) by one of my favourite funk & acid jazz & psychedelic rock & drum n bass bands, the Hungarian group Másfél (wiki in Hungarian, official site). This piece is from their 2003 album, “Ballast”.  → Read more

Song of the day: Quimby’s “The Ballad of Jerry”

My good old friend Daniel is in the top league inasmuch musical tastes are concerned (meaning, he’s got tastes similar to mine, of course, you shouldn’t think further than that, excellence is already guaranteed :-))- and that goes particularly for (Hungarian) classical or “underground” genres (pretty much the same, ain’t it?  → Read more