Albert Einstein Bizottság: Szerelem

I don’t think it has occured to any of you that simulated maximum likelihood OX programs, which often take days to converge (given I do not–yet!– have the parallel computing power I would love to possess…), run much faster if in the meantime one listens to Albert Einstein Committee’s brilliant music. Without any doubt, this is the best ever Hungarian band (where I 200% agree with the master of all good Hungarian music, wisest Daniel); and– as conjecture– probably the best Eastern-Central European band of the 80’s (this should be as clear as– to switch areas for a second– the best movie of the same time, same region, being the Polish film “Seksmisja“; unfortunately no time to go in that direction today). Had they sung also in English, they could have been as popular as, dare I say, the Beatles (ok, I said it), two decades earlier; in any case, a band with a similar fate (extremely popular among domestic intelligentsia, but without too much exposure outside, mainly because of the language barrier) , about the same period, but in Western Europe, is for instance the Dutch band Doe Maar. In Romania, the closest to A.E. Bizottság is probably Timpuri Noi (though their top work came out in mid/late 90’s).
A subset of my favourite A.E. Bizottság pieces: “Szerelem” (perfect; if you make an effort to understand the lyrics, you will fully agree); “Kamikaze“; “Már megint ez a depresszió “; “Konyhagyeplő” ; “Putty Putty“; “Egy lány kéne nékem” (oh well, I see this one comes with a striptease session in the youtube clip; depending on your tastes/orientation that might be a plus or a minus :-)); finally (update) listen to/see this if you want the total fun part. You will enjoy all of it!

PS. Check out some other excellent/interesting Hungarian music I mentioned earlier on this blog: here, here, here, here, or here. Blame YouTube if clips are not available any longer (though, tip: you can still find them, if you search carefully, under different links).


9 thoughts on “Albert Einstein Bizottság: Szerelem”

  1. Hey,<br />Would you mind to translate the lyrics of Szerelem in english (ou en français?)<br /><br />THANK YOU<br />

  2. N(e)nicule, nu mai face aprecieri in public. Te intreaba cineva, tu nu stii nimic :-). <br />PS. BTW, Ma asteptam sa alegi Egy lany… ca piesa favorita :-).

  3. Io n-as folosi musai expresia, da i clar, fesenistic de bestial! Brava, maestre! <br />Minek? Minek?? Mit minek??? <br />Hai ca mi-or tradus si mie astia. Tare, tare de tot! Cum nu te-or iubi toate unguroaicele? 🙂

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