Sondheim, Burton, Depp and Rickman’s “Pretty Women”

I tend to watch great movies with a considerable delay…, but then again, my feeling is that I get to appreciate them much more in this way, aside all the initial hype and the turmoil associated with a new release (an auxiliary gain is that I can discard– without having to go through the pain of actually watching them– a lot of movies which were released with high expectations, only to turn out total flops, hence really what remains is above average or, in the best case, excellent).  → Read more

Ah não ser eu toda a gente e toda a parte!

I’ve watched it most recently via this smart* video rental & online streaming service called Netflix : a true gem of a movie, albeit one of the most underrated cinematographic creations of the past decades (does not have a RottenTomatoes critics’ rating!  → Read more

Econlinks: Kamelåså et al

  • Before I come up with my Econ Nobel forecast — a week to go, stay tuned– let us take a look to the 2010 Nobel Ig prizes related to Economics. The Economics Ig Nobel itself is perhaps not very unexpected this year–though not very creative either (I wonder whether Oliver Stone is behind this too; his latest movie gets pretty mediocre reviews– IMDb, RottenTomatoes— despite all the hype).
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Albert Einstein Bizottság: Szerelem

I don’t think it has occured to any of you that simulated maximum likelihood OX programs, which often take days to converge (given I do not–yet!– have the parallel computing power I would love to possess…), run much faster if in the meantime one listens to Albert Einstein Committee’s brilliant music.  → Read more


  • Endless Summers (via Mankiw). Supercilious he might well be, but some of us still find him absolutely fascinating– I think I am (in the process of) understanding why :-). Earlier (first bullet point).
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  • Intercontinental flights are also occasions to watch on-the-watch!-list movies you didn’t watch yet: in my latest I finally saw Woody Allen’s– already (in)famous — “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” (IMDb, RottenTomatoes).
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A well deserved Pulitzer and pearls before lunch…

I must be the most ignorant person ever: I’ve only found out today (via Terry Tao) that this superb article by Gene Weingarten, “Pearls before breakfast“, likely the best I’ve ever read in the Washington Post, won a well deserved Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing about a month ago.  → Read more

Chinese (Couch) Potato

“” (=”Potato”, in Romanized Chinese) is one of the several Chinese “Youtubes”, seemingly the largest one at present (possibly larger than YouTube itself in some dimensions). Tudou’s stated goal is “to move couch potatoes from the TV screen to computer screens, a process very much under way in China“.  → Read more