US Government shutdown menorah

…and some of us were worried about Portugal

At midnight, if the President and Congress have not reached an agreement on funding measures, the U.S. government will shutdown, referred to as a funding gap, until an agreement is reached to either extend a temporary funding measure or a final budget deal is made.
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Econlinks: The ‘Economics and Reality’ edition

  • Harald Uhlig has an interesting recent paper entitled “Economics and Reality”  (intentionally recalling Sims’s 1980 ECMA, indeed) . While he discusses the relationship between Economics and Reality (yep, isn’t that what you all hope to hear?) mainly in terms of Macroeconomics (you know, the black sheep of the family), I thought he does that in an informative and at the same time very concise way.
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Econlinks: Kamelåså et al

  • Before I come up with my Econ Nobel forecast — a week to go, stay tuned– let us take a look to the 2010 Nobel Ig prizes related to Economics. The Economics Ig Nobel itself is perhaps not very unexpected this year–though not very creative either (I wonder whether Oliver Stone is behind this too; his latest movie gets pretty mediocre reviews– IMDb, RottenTomatoes— despite all the hype).
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And Nicole says…(plus the song of the day)

Ok Seb, okok! I’ve got to admit it. You’ve earned it deserve it u’r da man, I owe you this one! 🙂 […] Nico, at your service…
(of course I only took the relevant parts from Nicole’s corresponding comment to this previous post of mine)

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Econlinks for 07-11-’07

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Econlinks for 01-11-’07

  • The RePEc blog appeared recently. Looks interesting at first sight, though some ideas in very recent posts do not appear so sensible (such as this one).

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