Transylvania, Scania, Jutland

I have just arrived in Kolding (remember Kolding in winter time? It is even more beautiful now) for a workshop tomorrow, after a short wedding detour to Helsingborg, which looks and feels way more exciting than seen from Hamlet’s side of the Øresund (or Öresund, if you fancy Swedish more than Danish).  → Read more

Shawms and bagpipes

Superlative medieval tones, and a combined use of Romanian & Latin lyrics, in Mille Anni Passi Sunt. Plus, you cannot afford to miss my other personal favourites (including videoclips of live –ad litteram– shows): Dulcissima, O Varium Fortune, Venus Vina Musica, Totentanz, Chou Chou Sheng, Ballade de Mercy, Suam Elle Ires.  → Read more

Happy 2010!

… although still more than 6 hours to go of ’09, here, in Chicago. Where I have already discovered (in Devon Market; all credits to Daniel) an interesting range of rather decent Romanian wines (eventually I have settled for a Feteasca Regala from Jidvei and, something special for tonight– I am very curious!– a Dracula’s Blood Merlot).  → Read more

The hard road to Transylvania

4 hours inside a KLM/Malev plane that just wouldn’t take off at Schiphol (after 2 extra hours of waiting for the– eventually, wrong– plane to arrive); a (involuntary, for a change) night spent in beautiful but frozen Budapest (helped by the fact that my friend Balint was very inspired for the dinner suggestion; even the house white wine was very decent!– though nothing like my favourite Hungarian white); quality time the next day (inter alia, absolutely great mushroom soup and venison with juniper berries, for lunch!) spent with my good old friend, master of all things Budapest, Daniel, while waiting for the uncertainty concerning trains towards Cluj to be resolved; and partly resolved it was after endless hours, although they forgot to provide a 1st class (they were considerate enough to give me a full 2nd class compartment instead, all the 8 hours long trip…enough time to go through quite a few Econometrica articles, tons of coffee, and a number of jazz and classical music albums…); but, finally, Transylvania it is, for the last couple of days: great feeling to be home→ Read more

Klausenburg, anno 1865

WHEN you leave Szamos Ujvár, the road passes straight over a plain, with little or nothing to relieve the monotony. A Hungarian village or two, a nobleman’s mansion with the surrounding farm-buildings,-that is all, until the tall spire and the various towers of Klausenburg rise before you.

  → Read more

Studenter-Sangforeningen la Cluj: 7 mai, orele 18, Academia de Muzica “Gheorghe Dima”

Hans Christian imi face cunoscut urmatorul anunt despre turneul transilvan al Corului Universitatii din Copenhaga. Deci, mai ales pentru clujenii mei: daca as fi la Cluj pe 7 mai (din pacate, pentru contextul de aici, eu voi fi la Chicago…), as face tot posibilul sa prind cantecele studentesti/academice scandinave din program.  → Read more

New Blog Contest: Best Blog Entry on Inter-Ethnical Matters in Transylvania

As announced, I restate below the second part of the my previous post. Looking forward for a big number of enthusiastic participants!

Sebi Buhai (in collaboration with Dan, Lolka and Tihi, my colleagues from PhoenixTransylvania, who do not yet know about this, but I am sure will have nothing against it 🙂 ) is launching a new (smaller scale) blog contest.  → Read more

This blog is more popular than I thought. And a new blog contest!

Popularity is not at all something I am after (though I could start considering my running for the Romanian Presidency in the future- after all, so far, all you need for that is to be very popular:-)), as I immediately made clear when I was nominated to this “Clujblogfest”, a blog “competition” in my native city, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  → Read more