Spre Excelenta in Cercetarea si Invatamantul Post-Universitar in Stiintele Economice din Romania

Invit comentarii la discutia mea de 50 de minute live cu Marius Benta– excelenta gazda a rubricii “Vocile Clujului”– de la Digi24 Cluj-Napoca, 28 iulie 2015, despre (o parte din) pasii necesari pentru atingerea excelentei in cercetarea stiintifica din Stiintele Economice (dar si in general) in Romania→ Read more

Transylvania, Scania, Jutland

I have just arrived in Kolding (remember Kolding in winter time? It is even more beautiful now) for a workshop tomorrow, after a short wedding detour to Helsingborg, which looks and feels way more exciting than seen from Hamlet’s side of the Øresund (or Öresund, if you fancy Swedish more than Danish).  → Read more

Sunday night econlinks: Submit the paper right now!

  • The Tilburg Univ “Econ Schools Ranking”. It is indeed using a rather decent pool of journals (for period 2004-2008) and moreover, you can construct your own top by choosing subsets of those journals (such as top 5 only, if you wish).
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Klausenburg, anno 1865

WHEN you leave Szamos Ujvár, the road passes straight over a plain, with little or nothing to relieve the monotony. A Hungarian village or two, a nobleman’s mansion with the surrounding farm-buildings,-that is all, until the tall spire and the various towers of Klausenburg rise before you.

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On Cluj, property prices and (local) ambitions

I’d have many problems with some of the ideas put forward in there (eg. Emil Boc’s role in Cluj’s development for instance is highly overrated– a cost-benefit analysis would most likely arrive at the opposite conclusion; the whole idea of the article is to convince people to invest in advertised property on that site, hence the general upward bias in the assessment; there is then the entirely ignored idea of spurious rises in property price, aka a possible bubble on everybody’s language etc.– but let’s ignore all the shortcomings for the moment), but, overall, this short (two months old) article from ‘Property Secrets’ makes an interesting point.  → Read more

Despre ce as fi vrut sa scriu saptamana trecuta

…dar timpul nu mi-a permis:

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Cum nu voi mai avea probabil timp deloc saptamana viitoare, un al treilea post pe astazi nu ar trebui sa fie considerat prea mult… De data asta despre Cluj…

Dan Anghel a avut acum cateva zile ideea excelenta de a aduna bloggerii clujeni (dupa modelul iesenilor, care ne-au luat-o se pare inainte- ei, nu-i bai, ardeleanu’ e mai lent de felul lui, dar treaba o face pefect) pe ceea ce ar trebui sa devina – categoric!- un loc foarte vizitat in viitor, ie.  → Read more