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Born in the anonymity of the blogosphere 5 years ago, this weblog grew up a curious, motivated, and responsible toddler: its (no longer) secret ambition remained no less than saving the world– despite repeated trials of dissuasion by its author, who once foolishly pledged allegiance to the infusion of blogs about nothing→ Read more

Sunday night econlinks

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Weekend Econlinks

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Mioritic achievements of bad renown. And their primary causes.

No one, it turns out, does Internet auction fraud like the Romanians. […]
when it comes to online auctions, particularly for big-ticket items such as cars that can yield $5,000 a scam, Romanians own the game. Romanian police estimate that cyber-crime is now a multimillion-dollar national industry, as important to organized criminals here as drug smuggling or human trafficking.
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Sibiu as one of the top world up-and-coming tourist hotspots

So says Tyler Cowen on MR after having read the most recent Italian edition of Vanity Fair. That would not be bad at all. However, I cannot find anything on the net about this (the Italian edition of Vanity Fair seems to exist only in print) so all we know for now is what Cowen tells us: Bogota (Columbia), Sibiu (Romania) and the Kurile Islands (Russia) are three of the six up-and-coming tourist hotspots.  → Read more

Magyarorszag: The Song, The Style, The Women…

This entry is supposed to somewhat complement my previous post on Diskoteka Boom and Romanian ‘comparative advantages’ in such products, bringing up fundamental differences in marketing and branding strategies in Romania and respectively, Hungary.

To have more a clear idea of what I am talking about, compare this Romanian very popular (well marketed…) clip (could not find a full version of Diskoteka Boom, except some ‘freaky fun’ of 25 secs, freaky indeed) with this Hungarian one (increasingly popular as well) (thanks to Tihi– very unfortunately, my Hungarian has not yet evolved enough for me to understand Tihi’s own opinion about the clips there- but that is second to my goal here).  → Read more

A clash of eras

This is something you cannot miss: an amazing act of courage by an Arab (Arab-American) scholar, a woman psychologist, who speaks up on the Al-Jazeera TV channel. I have never seen somebody so blunt and open about issues usually untackled. This is about questions the members of the Muslim religious group should ask themselves- and answer as well.  → Read more