Econlinks for 18-02-’08

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Econlinks for 20-01-’08

  • I made a mistake last time when I mentioned Gelman and Cai’s recent research on whether the US political parties would gain from shifting their position on the economic axis, focusing on the Kerry vs. Bush former election. In the paper they did have more electoral dimensions (they analysed the case with one, two and three dimensions), which makes it very very interesting, so my comment concerning analysis done on solely the economic dimension was not very sound :-).
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Manele 2. Johnny: ‘Manelele sunt frumoase cu conditia sa le dai valoare artistica’

Vorbeam intr-un post precedent (si) despre Florin Dumitrescu si ideea lui referitoare la manele (idee care o data clarificata, e mai mult decat acceptabila pentru toata lumea). Postul lui Florin la care faceam referire era cel legat de interviul recent cu Johnny Raducanu, din Metropam→ Read more

Steven Colbert at Harvard

Via Greg Mankiw’s blog: a great video of a very recent interview (1st of Dec) with Steven Colbert at the Kennedy School of Government. It starts after about 4 minutes of Colbert intro clips. Inter alia, he’s talking about (and answers many questions addressed to him by Harvard students) the official invitation he got to visit Hungary and the possibility of naming the Magyar Bridge after him; about Sacha Cohen’s Borat character and its role beyond comedy; about craving for drama (with the ideal: Bush running for a third term); about not excluding the idea of himself running for President in 2008; and much more.  → Read more

Pasivitatea nu este o alternativa

Dupa cum am promis in postul precedent, revin cu postarea interviului meu luat de doamna Angela Martin pentru noua revista Cultura. Interviul, intr-o forma editata, a fost publicat in nr. 12 al revistei, pe data de 9 martie, la pagina 17, sub titlul “Pasivitatea nu este o alternativa”- ar fi trebuit sa fie deja accesibil si online pe site-ul revistei insa inca nu este.  → Read more