New Blog Contest: Best Blog Entry on Inter-Ethnical Matters in Transylvania

As announced, I restate below the second part of the my previous post. Looking forward for a big number of enthusiastic participants!

Sebi Buhai (in collaboration with Dan, Lolka and Tihi, my colleagues from PhoenixTransylvania, who do not yet know about this, but I am sure will have nothing against it 🙂 ) is launching a new (smaller scale) blog contest.  → Read more

This blog is more popular than I thought. And a new blog contest!

Popularity is not at all something I am after (though I could start considering my running for the Romanian Presidency in the future- after all, so far, all you need for that is to be very popular:-)), as I immediately made clear when I was nominated to this “Clujblogfest”, a blog “competition” in my native city, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  → Read more

Putin despre scriitorii romani si atractia spre extrema dreapta

Dan indica (si comenteaza excelent) pe blogul lui articolul, vechi de cativa ani buni, “Scrisoare catre prietenii mei romani“, al lui Tamás Gáspár MiklĂłs. Desigur unele lucruri s-au schimbat din 2000 si pana acum, intre timp am mai aflat lucruri noi etc., dar articolul ramane actual in mare parte si, desi inregistrez niste dezacorduri cand e vorba de anumite detalii, in mare nu pot decat sa fiu de acord cu autorul si sa recomand tuturor acest excelent articol.  → Read more

On why you need Maths for Economics and in general

Some young but very ambitious students (yeah, yeah, some of you are reading this post on my blog right now :-)) have been asking me why would they need to know Maths if they want to become economists (in industry or academia) and what Maths courses are most suitable for them and how much Maths would they actually use in practice anyway…

These are very interesting and very pertinent questions and obviously they were asked and answered before.  → Read more

Traducatori, analisti, profesionisti. De Romania

Citesc pe hotnews un post al lui Emil Stoica. Bun, omul are o initiativa binevenita aducand in atentia publicului profesionalismul traducatorilor de la Antena 3 (btw, couldn’t care less about the latter; nu cred ca am urmarit vreodata Antena 3, whatever that is…) si comentariile sale sunt pertinente, desi cam “pierde” si ‘mnealui pe drum parti esentiale si mai scoate din context pe ici pe colo (iarasi prin/din partile esentiale…), desi contextul da mai mult decat culoare in cazul de fata… Si nu ca asta ar fi hiba majora, dar- crucial- cade dumnealui insusi in acelasi pacat al traducatorilor mioritici (si stiind foarte bine despre ce e vorba, e dublu vinovat); nimic extraordinar in Romania: “analistii” nostri “analizeaza” si “traduc” (citeste “va traduc”) fara a indica sursa (si asta e valabil dincolo de exemplul din context; de multe ori putem vorbi chiar de plagiat), insultandu-i, la urma urmei, pe cititori.  → Read more

Funniest moment of the week. No, wait, of the month!

Lovely Nicole is emailing me this link. And she thinks she’s really “got it now”, she believes she finally “understands all about men”, she’s convinced she’s just had her Eureka! moment :-). Well, that’s pretty funny, but guess what, I’d bet that the text above was written by a male and not by a woman (who tried some homosexual experience in order to have such an epiphany :-)), as its author claims.  → Read more

Creationisti semidocti si (posibile) influente in invatamant

Un post excelent al lui Tihi, care ma scuteste de la prea multe comentarii pe aceeasi frecventa.

Deci voi face doar doua observatii complementare celor scrise de Tihi mai sus:

  • Nu cred ca e vorba de “prostie” per se (vedeti mostra de umor grotesc de care vorbeste si Tihamer: chiar am urmarit, in mai multe reprize, toata jumatatea de ora- in plus e plin de asemenea esantioane pe YouTube; a propos, nu e vorba de a te enerva, eventual de a compatimi actorii din context, if anything…).
  → Read more

Movie scene for week 22nd to 28th of April: “Are you a dreamer?”, from “Waking Life”

This week goes perfectly with one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies ever, Waking Life. As you might recall, this movie is in my (current) very top 5 and it has high chances of hanging up there for a long while… I also dedicated an entire post to this movie some time ago.  → Read more