My Nobel Econ 2011 prediction

I say Ernst Fehr, Matthew Rabin, and Richard Thaler for their contributions to behavioral economics (I even bet 3$ on this, but for some yet unclear reason that pool has closed, with my money returned). In any case, I think it would be highly suspicious if I got it right also this time, given I got it perfectly last year and almost perfectly the year before that→ Read more

Blog birthday. Senses. And jazz.

Born in the anonymity of the blogosphere 5 years ago, this weblog grew up a curious, motivated, and responsible toddler: its (no longer) secret ambition remained no less than saving the world– despite repeated trials of dissuasion by its author, who once foolishly pledged allegiance to the infusion of blogs about nothing→ Read more

A Blog Stimulus

And since everybody’s concerned about the fiscal stimulus & co…, here’s the likely-to-be-best proposal in that realm (via MR). And here’s an absolutely great quote from it, to memorize over the weekend and save for future reference:

With sufficient momentum we can make sure the stimulus is not wasted on filling in freshly dug holes, fixing the environment or building bridges to nowhere – all things that the market is perfectly capable of doing by itself.  → Read more

Zoitica, esti barbata!

Descoperirea saptamanii: de departe, cel mai promitator nou blog din ClujBlogRoll. Ingrediente majore in posturile de pana acum: stil, acel epsilon necesar de imprevizibilitate si, mai ales, elementul “exposure”. Un debut de exceptie (perfectibil, dar reusit) a carui implicatie nu poate fi decat “I’ll be returning soon, hungry for more” (yep, Anton Ego becoming my alter ego…).  → Read more

New Blog Contest: Best Blog Entry on Inter-Ethnical Matters in Transylvania

As announced, I restate below the second part of the my previous post. Looking forward for a big number of enthusiastic participants!

Sebi Buhai (in collaboration with Dan, Lolka and Tihi, my colleagues from PhoenixTransylvania, who do not yet know about this, but I am sure will have nothing against it 🙂 ) is launching a new (smaller scale) blog contest.  → Read more

This blog is more popular than I thought. And a new blog contest!

Popularity is not at all something I am after (though I could start considering my running for the Romanian Presidency in the future- after all, so far, all you need for that is to be very popular:-)), as I immediately made clear when I was nominated to this “Clujblogfest”, a blog “competition” in my native city, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  → Read more

“Economia à la Romania” sau “Economia Stiinta Umanista”

Tin neaparat sa-i mentionez pe cei (unii) de la Academia de Stiinte Economice (ASE) care castiga detasat noua etapa a concursului “cum mai ajunge lumea pe blogul meu”, categoria “aberatii”: in mod repetat si foarte insistent (de cel putin trei-patru ori in ultima luna, dar povestea e deja veche, de cateva luni) respectivii studenti sau profesori sau whatever ajung la mine pe blog cautand pe Google expresia (si reproduc ad litteram) “economia stiinta umanista“.  → Read more

Blogging as self-experimentation

I think Tyler Cowen is right to a great extent. And I just love the “less patient with the Continental philosophy” idea. True, true, how true! I would only add that blogging is also providing me (some of you) with an incentive to actually learn more, in a much more (self)disciplined way (understood here that one only blogs about things s/he himself considers interesting and worth blogging about, to start with; this should be the sine qua non of blogging).  → Read more