Control freaks

I keep wondering how can there be such a mixture of (not always) good (sometimes excellent!) economic policies (far better than most ‘opposition’ in the USA advocate- and that’s one problem there: the alternative might be worse, in overall terms), but absolutely insane ‘political’ ones (eventually leading to bad economic outcomes as well…), interfering with private life/ choice and meant to control, there is this obsession with controlling each and everybody’s activities, thoughts etc., for the ‘sake of security’, in the USA (unfortunately even amazing thinkers- in general- like Gary Becker and Richard Posner- sustain some tradeoffs between privacy and security in this respect- I think all that is sheer nonsense and simply shows incapacity of the government, who, let’s not forget, is supposed to serve their people, not to control them; if one is an Economist one should recall Milton Friedman’s position on all that– Ave Milton, morituri te salutant!).  → Read more

The world’s youngest .net professional developer

My friend Gabi Turcu tells me (with great envy) about this video. It is an interview with Arfa Karim, the world’s youngest (Microsoft Certified!) .net developer: got the professional certificate at 10 years old (obviously in her free time, since the kid has also some school to attend…).  → Read more

Talking Mona Lisa

These Japanese scientists are simply amazing, always up to something completely new in terms of scientific or technical discoveries: on Reuters today, one of them reports that he reconstructed Mona Lisa’s voice (also Leonardo Da Vinci’s). You need some Japanese language skills (familiarity with internet would also do, however, as it worked for me) to know how to get around on that site, but you can listen to both Mona Lisa and Leonardo, talking in Italian (what else?!) here→ Read more


Cum nu voi mai avea probabil timp deloc saptamana viitoare, un al treilea post pe astazi nu ar trebui sa fie considerat prea mult… De data asta despre Cluj…

Dan Anghel a avut acum cateva zile ideea excelenta de a aduna bloggerii clujeni (dupa modelul iesenilor, care ne-au luat-o se pare inainte- ei, nu-i bai, ardeleanu’ e mai lent de felul lui, dar treaba o face pefect) pe ceea ce ar trebui sa devina – categoric!- un loc foarte vizitat in viitor, ie.  → Read more