Sunday econlinks

  • An interesting debate in the latest issue of Capitalism and Society on the current status of Economics and other Social Sciences, worth reading especially for the two comments to the leading article on the theme. Unfortunately, Jon Elster, in his “Excessive Ambitions“, otherwise a welcome (and relatively informed) outsider’s critique, does not manage to rise up to his declared ambitions of debunking the status quo / portraying “the persistence in the economic profession and elsewhere of these useless or harmful models“, and eventually falls easy prey to his commenters: Pierre-André Chiappori (who, very elegantly, but unmistakenly, tackles most of the points raised by Elster in his criticism of economic theory and testing its predictions) and respectively, David Hendry (who virtually destroys Elster’s line of reasoning and conclusions on empirical modelling in Economics).
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Econlinks for the weekend

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MRIs and sex drive. And the science of love

Since I was just mentioning nudity and inspiration, let’s go a step further and talk without inhibition about science and sex. This is very serious research. And it is one of the most read BMJ article of all times (if you want to be a scientist and desire popularity with the media as well, you might consider this field of research- well, you could also post personal nude photos on your website/weblog, though that might lead to somewhat of a negative attention…).  → Read more