Conjuratia imbecililor

S-a scris deja foarte mult in presa (si in blogosfera…) despre raportul Tismaneanu, cuvantarea lui Basescu, circul lui Vadim & co s.a.m.d. Din ce am am apucat sa citesc in fuga (ramane desigur sa parcurg intregul raport- continutul acestuia fiind categoric cel mai important- si nu condamnarea per se pronuntata de Traian Basescu), de departe cel mai bine scris articol pe marginea evenimentelor din context mi s-a parut Conjuratia imbecilor, scris de Doru Buscu, in Cotidianul.  → Read more

YouTube on Ceausescu

In my opinion Google made an amazing deal by buying YouTube with only $ 1.65 bn ( now come to think of Mark Cuban, who claimed that “only a moron would buy YouTube”; btw, my feeling is that YouTube will have a completely different fate than Napster, although some accuse it already of infringement on copyright laws- and this was “the shadow of death” for Napster…).  → Read more

A clash of eras

This is something you cannot miss: an amazing act of courage by an Arab (Arab-American) scholar, a woman psychologist, who speaks up on the Al-Jazeera TV channel. I have never seen somebody so blunt and open about issues usually untackled. This is about questions the members of the Muslim religious group should ask themselves- and answer as well.  → Read more

Demni, dar rupti in fund

Nu as putea spune ca Dan Tapalaga a scris intotdeauna interesant, inteligent si la obiect (evident, opinia mea- cea care conteaza!), dar de data asta articolul sau din Cotidianul e excelent. Putea fi chiar mai spicy… In orice caz ma abonez categoric la editorialele sale de acum inainte daca il mai prind in astfel de momente bune.  → Read more

Romania and the EU: Netting the Untouchables

The Economist is rather positive about Romania’s efforts to reach the EU integration standards. This recent article praises the fight against corruption (“catching the big fish”) led by the “impressive non-party justice minister”, “soft-spoken”, Monica Macovei” and the “salty captain Basescu”.  → Read more


Apparently Wikipedia faces more acts of vandalism originating from Capitol Hill IP addresses than from anywhere else… Below a bit of the USA representatives’ whitewashing (taken over from the Washington Post– you need to sign up first to read it there; you can read the full text also on MSN ):

Last week, Wikipedia temporarily blocked certain Capitol Hill Web addresses from altering any entries in the otherwise wide-open forum.  → Read more

Status of Ethnic Minorities in Romania: Past, Present, Future

With this imposing title I tried a few years ago to impress my professors for one of the best courses in Political Sciences taken while a student at University College Utrecht. Needless to say, I also succeded in that (the teachers simply liked me too much), though, if I look now back to this paper, I have the impression that I wrote it with my feet- when counting the number of mistakes etc… Anyway, I guess (some of) the ideas still hold.  → Read more