Econlinks for 28-02-’08

  • A very nice article about GMU’s Econ department. I love for instance the following bit, despite its capitalizing on stereotypes (but we love those sometimes :-)); so here’s Arnold Kling: My simple way of describing it is that at Chicago they say, ‘Markets work; let’s use markets.’ At Harvard and MIT they say, ‘Markets fail; let’s use government.’ And at George Mason, we say, ‘Markets fail; let’s use markets.’”
  • Barack Obama might be very good at writing books (see here my assessment of his most popular book); however, he fares pretty poorly so far, in his economics policies.
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Real stakes in the US election

Here’s my favourite bit of the best essay I’ve read today:

The reality is that democracy is a very blunt instrument, and in today’s environment we are choosing between ways of muddling through. We may hear that the election is about different visions for America’s future, but the pitches may be more akin to selling different brands of soap.

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What I’ve been reading

Lately I’ve got about 5 books started at all times and I largely read them in parallel (unless I like one too much to let it out of my hands before I finish it). This seems to be an excellent strategy against getting “too much” of something in a short while and eventually deciding to drop it too soon (which, by the way, you should not shy away from doing anytime if you really–but really– do not seem to find any merit in reading a particular book).  → Read more

Econlinks for 16-01-’08

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Unire intru fanatism…

… sau intru prostie, as completa eu. Costi Rogozanu scrie foarte bine pe blogul sau despre recentul protest al Patriarhiei Romane vizand traducerea in romana a “Versetelor Satanice” scrise de Salman Rushdie. Am zis ‘foarte bine’ mai sus; asta nu acopera insa si remarca lui Rogozanu referitoare la “stilul greoi emfatic al lui Rushdie“, dar ma rog, sa o lasam la de gustibus (desi m-as fi asteptat la mai mult de la Rogozanu si ajung sa ma intreb cat a citit din Rushdie…).  → Read more

Econlinks for 27-12-’07

  • How to avoid recession in USA: Greg Mankiw’s answer. Gary Becker and Richard Posner advocate a similar perspective (the argument is centered, of course, on the subprime housing mess). Former Fed boss Greenspan already said that one should do absolutely nothing and wait for the bubble to break on its own, just as the people above (e.g.
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