A bit about the Unabomber & eco-terrorism

In his “Nothing is Sacred. Economic Ideas for the New Millenium”– a book I very much enjoyed, although that is not to say that I agreed 100% with the views stated in it- Robert Barro, one of the pre-eminent current economists and possibly an Economics Nobel Laureate not so far in the future, also talks about Al Gore’s “outrageous book”: “Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit” and his extreme environmental positions taken there.  → Read more


Mi se pare una din cele mai bune idei implementate in Romania recent, cu potential de a deveni chiar cea mai buna. Daca va si functiona, ar fi fantastic. E vorba de site-ul www.domnuleprimar.ro unde in viitorul apropiat veti putea prezenta problemele legate de orasul vostru direct primarului si, cel putin conform acestui articol de pe hotnews.ro, primarul va fi obligat sa raspunda in termen de cel mult 30 de zile oricarei solicitari serioase.  → Read more

An interview with Gregory Mankiw, back to Harvard after 2 years of being Chief Economic Adviser to Mr. Bush

What I find most interesting in this interview– next to the glimpse inside the White House having as guide a former Chief of the Council of Economic Advisers- is the part that characterizes Bush’s “economic thinking”. I find Mankiw very subtle and diplomatic- he’s got style, definitely.  → Read more