Books I’ve finished reading this week (And a PS on Chicago)

…with a one phrase short characterization for each of them. But before that, I certainly recommend these books to you, they really say a lot about (the style of) their famous American authors.

  • Allen Ginsberg, “Death and Fame. Last Poems 1993-1997“: absolutely great talent, very interesting views on life, in particular extreme liberal political views (which I share with the author to a great extent- by the way, very conservative readers might be shocked reading some of the poems in there, so be aware, you’ve been warned :-)), unfortunately not much understanding (and a waste of making nonsensical points to the contrary…) of what economics (economic policy) is or should be about (obviously there isn’t much in my perspective to intersect with the poet’s point of view when it comes down to that).
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Putin despre scriitorii romani si atractia spre extrema dreapta

Dan indica (si comenteaza excelent) pe blogul lui articolul, vechi de cativa ani buni, “Scrisoare catre prietenii mei romani“, al lui Tamás Gáspár Miklós. Desigur unele lucruri s-au schimbat din 2000 si pana acum, intre timp am mai aflat lucruri noi etc., dar articolul ramane actual in mare parte si, desi inregistrez niste dezacorduri cand e vorba de anumite detalii, in mare nu pot decat sa fiu de acord cu autorul si sa recomand tuturor acest excelent articol.  → Read more

Ce mai citesc in ultima vreme

…cand prind putin timp liber (foarte rar, din pacate; sper sa se imbunatateasca situatia in cateva luni…). In momentul de fata citesc si sunt entuziasmat de (pana acum, sunt pe la jumatate si cred ca devorez si restul in maxim doua zile- sau doua nopti, e mai sigur ca voi gasi timp- e prea interesanta sa o las din mana) cartea recenta a lui Adrian Gavrilescu, “Noii precupeti.  → Read more

Econlinks for 13-04-’07

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Din lume adunate…

Prins in prea multe lucruri care nu pot fi deloc amanate sunt nevoit sa o las mai moale cu frecventa entry-urilor in blog pentru o perioada. Totusi, din cand in cand, in fuga, niste impresii.

Ce e nou, asadar? Unii o tin una si buna cu promovarea manelelor si promovarea Romaniei prin manele (am promis un articol AGAINST, dar inca nu am avut timp- si mi-e ca ar fi pierdere de vreme oricum), ciudat fiindca nu sunt ex-ante din cei neajutorati (cerebral, vorbind), dar incearca cu tot dinadinsul sa demonstreze contrarul.  → Read more

A bit about the Unabomber & eco-terrorism

In his “Nothing is Sacred. Economic Ideas for the New Millenium”– a book I very much enjoyed, although that is not to say that I agreed 100% with the views stated in it- Robert Barro, one of the pre-eminent current economists and possibly an Economics Nobel Laureate not so far in the future, also talks about Al Gore’s “outrageous book”: “Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit” and his extreme environmental positions taken there.  → Read more