Status of Ethnic Minorities in Romania: Past, Present, Future

With this imposing title I tried a few years ago to impress my professors for one of the best courses in Political Sciences taken while a student at University College Utrecht. Needless to say, I also succeded in that (the teachers simply liked me too much), though, if I look now back to this paper, I have the impression that I wrote it with my feet- when counting the number of mistakes etc… Anyway, I guess (some of) the ideas still hold.  → Read more

Vote for the most annoying sound!

This is a very interesting scientific experiment designed to find out which noise people find most horrible. To be honest I’ve heard much nastier ones, but some of these will do as well: just put the sound at maximum when you listen to them… The site has also some interesting facts about sounds and what makes for a bad sound and the like.  → Read more

Studiu olandez despre comunitatea rroma din Romania

O teza de master extrem de interesanta a fost acceptata anul acesta la Departamentul de Antropologie al Universitatii din Nijmegen, Olanda. Cu cativa ani in urma am ajutat-o pe Lonneke Roodnat sa intre in legatura cu ONG-urile rroma din Cluj, avand totusi un rol minim pana la urma, pentru ca ea singura a intrat in legatura mai tarziu cu grupurile respective din Bucuresti.  → Read more

Jim Heckman: Independenta, Perseverenta, Excelenta. Punct si de la capat…

Din cand in cand voi posta pe blog si unele scurte articole pe care le scriu pentru “Suplimentul Educational” al ziarului Gandul, de care se ocupa Melania Vergu- recent castigatoare a unui premiu jurnalistic al anului pentru articolele dumneaei in ceea ce priveste politica educationala din Romania si educatia in general.  → Read more

Remembering Eva

“You’re still here beside me every day
‘Cause I know you by heart…”

It’s rainy and cold outside and although I’ve got plenty of things to do I can’t pass on this one. Why is that? Simply because Eva Cassidy has one of the best voices ever and because songs like I know you by heart or Autumn Leaves or Fields of Gold or Tall Trees in Georgia are sublime when sung by her and because she was the only person who could sing What a Wonderful World and leave you the same impression as old Louis Armstrong did- and because although she left us too early, she is born again and again- reminding us that we’ re alive- every single time we listen to her.

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Snapshot al Europei post-comuniste in tranzitie

Intr-un comentariu publicat in Cotidianul scriu foarte pe scurt despre stadiul in care se gaseste Europa Centrala si de Est in tranzitia catre o economie de piata functionala. Articolul a aparut in Cotidianul de astazi cu niste greseli de editare care nu imi apartin (domniile lor ziaristii “corecteaza” sa se afle in treaba, desi nu le-a cerut-o nimeni- altfel desigur intentia ar fi meritorie-, textul fiind trimis de mine cu mai putine greseli decat a iesit dupa “corectare”- dar asta e treaba jurnalistica in Romania chiar la case mari cum e Cotidianul).  → Read more

Pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

The controversy around the Intelligent Design (ID) theory being taught in schools in USA as an alternative view to evolution is certainly nothing like something new. It’s even been the subject of editorials, reports and articles in the prestigious journal Science for months now- and if something is in Science for so long you should have a strong suspicion that the academic community considers it a core matter.  → Read more

Liber-Schimbismul, Protectionismul si…Amatorismul

Redau aici un comentariu pe care l-am trimis intr-o forma mai scurta pentru Cotidianul acum cateva zile si pe care redactorii de acolo vor decide sau nu sa il publice in viitorul apropiat, cel indepartat sau cel foarte indepartat, pana acum nu mi-au raspuns deloc (trebuie sa spun ca nu imi place obiceiul asta mioritic de a fi INVITAT sa scrii, iar dupa ce chiar ai investit un oarecare efort in treaba asta sa nu te anunte nici macar daca e acceptat sau nu, sa nu mai vorbim de faptul ca si-ar putea pierde actualitatea daca e publicat cand le convine redactorilor in loc sa fie publicat in timp util; cu parere de rau Cotidianul nu face exceptie).  → Read more
Intro to the Buhai Blog

I have been thinking for a while what to write as rationale of this newborn blog. In the end I gave up however the idea of making an elaborate intro, deciding instead to let the contributions speak for themselves- and true, chose the easy way out… One thing is certainly not going to happen: there will be no unifying theme of future entries.

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