Tánc a hóban

Aside (several) superlative classical and jazz concerts I have recently attended in Amsterdam and London (might come back with an overview later on), this one masterpiece by the Hungarian band Ghymes (official, wiki) is something I am literally obsessed with, lately. In particular, it is one of those pieces that would/should! be an instantaneous international success (at least among the connoisseurs), should someone manage a suitable English translation of the lyrics– which is, tragically, almost always impossible. If you look for a perfect folk-urban fusion (my attempt to a catch-all term, though this folk-urban fusion is highly different than this one, with Eastern Europe as a whole pioneering/developing/enriching the genre nonetheless :-)), look no further. YouTube comes to help again: you can listen to the (full) version of “Tánc a hóban” from the very interesting/highly recommended “Rege” album, and I’ve also found part of it performed live by Szarka Tamás and the rest of the band. If you’re interested, the lyrics of the song, plus some Italian (great!) and English (very approximative…) mot-à-mot translations, can be found here. The last two verses, in absolute harmony with the instrumental background, are nothing less than briliant. Enough reason to learn some Hungarian? :-).

Jobbra lassan, balra lassan,
Ritmus halkan, ring a hajban,
Újra kavarog a –
Végre csikorog a –
Mégis mosolyog a –
Napra hunyorog a –

Tánc a ködben, tánc a jégen,
Tánc a hóban, tánc a fagyban,
Tánc a ködben, tánc a jégen,
Tánc a hóban, tánc a fagyban,
Tánc a ködben, tánc a jégen,
Tánc a hóban, tánc a fagyban.


6 thoughts on “Tánc a hóban”

  1. This is one of the best melodies and songs that I don't understand even one word of it….It really touches my heart. I love it …

  2. Hi. Thank you. It was a misunderstand. He'd opened another link! Can You delete my comment? I don't want my friend to be upset… 🙂

  3. Hi. I absolutely love this song. But why do we think it's Hungarian? Today I shared it on my facebook page and a Hungarian friend of mine told me he can not understand a word of it and it's not Hungarian!!!! How can I find out in which language is this song?

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