A well deserved Pulitzer and pearls before lunch…

I must be the most ignorant person ever: I’ve only found out today (via Terry Tao) that this superb article by Gene Weingarten, “Pearls before breakfast“, likely the best I’ve ever read in the Washington Post, won a well deserved Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing about a month ago.

And since the credit should definitely be shared with this phenomenon called Joshua Bell, here’s the (short, but intense) musical piece I propose to you before lunch today: Josh playing an excerpt from “The Red Violin”, composition by John Corigliano, who won with it an Oscar for Best Music, Original Score, in the movie “The Red Violin” (IMDb, RottenTomatoes). Here’s one of the best scenes of this movie (with Josh Bell playing again in the background).

2 thoughts on “A well deserved Pulitzer and pearls before lunch…”

  1. He he, I don’t know whether I should interpret "we are just too similar" as a compliment :-). <BR/><BR/>Yes, I knew you like Joshua Bell and with that anything that he is involved in :-).

  2. Sebs, spectacular choices indeed. Both for the piece and the movie, they are among my very favourites. But then again, with you I always find myself. We are just too similar…

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