Top Gear in Romania. Or: keep up with the Sandero!

If you’re not going to die of laughter before that, you will when the Dacia Sandero appears (and overtakes them) :-). Oh, and this gem from Clarkson is to save for further reference: “If Simon Cowell came here [Mamaia, Romania], they’d put him on income support“. Brilliant!
Thanks to George for the tip!
PS. Looking forward for the rest of the upload on YouTube. UPDATE, 17 nov: second and respectively, last part of the episode, with thanks to Bogdan. Watch them before they are removed from YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Top Gear in Romania. Or: keep up with the Sandero!”

  1. I'll be damned, didn't know you guys had such tunnels under the People's Palace. Unbelievable! Perfect for my Impreza!!

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