Econlinks: On crises. And opportunities

  • Crises and opportunities in Balkan science policy (start, more). A word of caution for my Romanian pals, among whom a new risk of self-denying optimism– expected to turn into the usual complacency– appears contagious: con calma, this is at best a mediocre start (though, granted, a start it is).
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Econlinks: The ‘Economics and Reality’ edition

  • Harald Uhlig has an interesting recent paper entitled “Economics and Reality”  (intentionally recalling Sims’s 1980 ECMA, indeed) . While he discusses the relationship between Economics and Reality (yep, isn’t that what you all hope to hear?) mainly in terms of Macroeconomics (you know, the black sheep of the family), I thought he does that in an informative and at the same time very concise way.
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Transylvania, Scania, Jutland

I have just arrived in Kolding (remember Kolding in winter time? It is even more beautiful now) for a workshop tomorrow, after a short wedding detour to Helsingborg, which looks and feels way more exciting than seen from Hamlet’s side of the Øresund (or Öresund, if you fancy Swedish more than Danish).  → Read more

Shawms and bagpipes

Superlative medieval tones, and a combined use of Romanian & Latin lyrics, in Mille Anni Passi Sunt. Plus, you cannot afford to miss my other personal favourites (including videoclips of live –ad litteram– shows): Dulcissima, O Varium Fortune, Venus Vina Musica, Totentanz, Chou Chou Sheng, Ballade de Mercy, Suam Elle Ires.  → Read more

Indignation. Leila. Zigeunerweisen. Leila

For some reason I (once in a while) remember something Supachai Panichpakdi, then-WTO boss, said at a keynote speach in a Rotterdam conference celebrating 100 years since the birth of Jan Tinbergen (earlier on this blog, in Romanian): namely that we, then-PhD students in Economics, should stop reading [all sorts of books, papers etc.] and start writing immediately [papers, books, anything?], without wasting any further time (footnote here: — which I do not know if Blogger can handle– next to that, Dr.  → Read more

The hard road to Transylvania

4 hours inside a KLM/Malev plane that just wouldn’t take off at Schiphol (after 2 extra hours of waiting for the– eventually, wrong– plane to arrive); a (involuntary, for a change) night spent in beautiful but frozen Budapest (helped by the fact that my friend Balint was very inspired for the dinner suggestion; even the house white wine was very decent!– though nothing like my favourite Hungarian white); quality time the next day (inter alia, absolutely great mushroom soup and venison with juniper berries, for lunch!) spent with my good old friend, master of all things Budapest, Daniel, while waiting for the uncertainty concerning trains towards Cluj to be resolved; and partly resolved it was after endless hours, although they forgot to provide a 1st class (they were considerate enough to give me a full 2nd class compartment instead, all the 8 hours long trip…enough time to go through quite a few Econometrica articles, tons of coffee, and a number of jazz and classical music albums…); but, finally, Transylvania it is, for the last couple of days: great feeling to be home→ Read more

Sunday night econlinks

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Weekend econlinks

  • Sharing information in scientific research: yes/no/when. Interesting, but the analysis here is applicable only in the context of some sciences (arguably, not most). Moreover, sharing by means of co-authorship is discussed at best indirectly (if one is willing to expand on their repeated interaction game thread…).
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Top Gear in Romania. Or: keep up with the Sandero!

If you’re not going to die of laughter before that, you will when the Dacia Sandero appears (and overtakes them) :-). Oh, and this gem from Clarkson is to save for further reference: “If Simon Cowell came here [Mamaia, Romania], they’d put him on income support“.  → Read more

Sunday econlinks

  • One of the reasons I just love reading Landsburg: he is acid and funny. Here’s something that hopefully will open a longer exchange between him and Krugman: I really think Steve Landsburg is the proper counterpart to Paul Krugman in any debate (NB: Mankiw is great, but too serious and not engaging–understandably– enough in the type of debate Krugman seems to love).
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