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Despre universuri paralele in evaluarea performantei in cercetare economica, in Adevarul

Remus Florescu de la Adevarul a publicat recent un excelent articol pe marginea concluziilor studiuluiDemotivarea performantei: cazul criteriilor nationale de evaluare a cercetarii in Stiintele Economice din Romaniastudiu realizat in decembrie anul trecut impreuna cu Cristian Litan si Gheorghe Silaghi, si pe care il puteti accesa public in format articol PDF, format blog (incluzand comentarii si reactii la comentarii), format (sectiune de) raport mai amplu TT-G3A publicat in Revista de Politica Stiintei si Scientometrie, format rezumat in engleza, sau format scurta prezentare la recent incheiata conferinta ERMAS 2016 de la Timisoara.  → Read more

General von Hammerstein’s lessons for the (not only) Romanian (not only) Economics academe

Since I’ve lately (and anew…) got quite an unexpected lot of questions concerning the ‘optimal allocation of existing human resources in the Romanian Economics academe’ (never ad litteram formulated as such, but you get the point…), I’ve now decided to briefly depict publicly what I typically answer(ed).  → Read more

Spre Excelenta in Cercetarea si Invatamantul Post-Universitar in Stiintele Economice din Romania

Invit comentarii la discutia mea de 50 de minute live cu Marius Benta– excelenta gazda a rubricii “Vocile Clujului”– de la Digi24 Cluj-Napoca, 28 iulie 2015, despre (o parte din) pasii necesari pentru atingerea excelentei in cercetarea stiintifica din Stiintele Economice (dar si in general) in Romania→ Read more

The new Danish ranking of journals

Ridiculous, if you ask me (needless to state, this is a very personal opinion). Unfortunately, in Economics (you find that category under “Samfundsøkonomi” in the linked pdf), there will be many years till Denmark will catch up with the best places in the Netherlands, for instance (see here an Economics journal ranking of the Tinbergen Institute (TI) , which has its imperfections– such as Journal of Finance placed in the ‘AA’ category… — but it is way way better), in competitiveness, attitude in this context etc.  → Read more

Sunday econlinks

  • An interesting debate in the latest issue of Capitalism and Society on the current status of Economics and other Social Sciences, worth reading especially for the two comments to the leading article on the theme. Unfortunately, Jon Elster, in his “Excessive Ambitions“, otherwise a welcome (and relatively informed) outsider’s critique, does not manage to rise up to his declared ambitions of debunking the status quo / portraying “the persistence in the economic profession and elsewhere of these useless or harmful models“, and eventually falls easy prey to his commenters: Pierre-André Chiappori (who, very elegantly, but unmistakenly, tackles most of the points raised by Elster in his criticism of economic theory and testing its predictions) and respectively, David Hendry (who virtually destroys Elster’s line of reasoning and conclusions on empirical modelling in Economics).
  → Read more