2011 San Pellegrino world top restaurant ranking

See here the top 1-50. And I am proud to note that I have tried by now 4 places in the 2011 world top 12, namely:

  • Noma (1): been there twice already, see here impressions (and some pictures) from the first time, the second was a lunch in October last year– still have to get hold of those pictures online somewhere.
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Shawms and bagpipes

Superlative medieval tones, and a combined use of Romanian & Latin lyrics, in Mille Anni Passi Sunt. Plus, you cannot afford to miss my other personal favourites (including videoclips of live –ad litteram– shows): Dulcissima, O Varium Fortune, Venus Vina Musica, Totentanz, Chou Chou Sheng, Ballade de Mercy, Suam Elle Ires.  → Read more

Tough times for young economists

The Economist has also been at the ASSA-Atlanta (this year I’ve been busy with the more scientific, and less applied, section). Some other potential (academic) implications of the 20+ % less vacancies in ’09, compared to ’08 (and earlier):

  • the high time for places from Europe (in particular, Denmark and The Netherlands need to make the good moves right now…) to (seriously) tempt some (serious) top candidates (from both US and European prestigious schools).
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My whereabouts

After a full week in very beautiful (and very hot) Seville, where inter alia I presented a paper at this year’s ESPE conference (I will dedicate of course a separate post to my Seville experience a.s.a.p, hence further details will be omitted here), followed by a short pit stop of a few hours back in Aarhus, I have just arrived in Os, very close to Bergen→ Read more

Sunday night econlinks

  • Bilingualism and early child development: very interesting brand-new research in PNAS (institutional or individual subscription needed, else only abstract is free). And yes, bilingualism clearly pays off, if you were wondering.
  • Vienna and the largest Swiss cities top Mercer’s quality of living index for ’09, while Munich appears to be the winner if you account simultaneously for both quality of living (position 7) and infrastructure (position 2).
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Beware the Euronomics. Plus some further thoughts on the economics curricula in Romania and The Netherlands

Retain at least the conclusion of this excellent article (applying, unfortunately, well beyond just France and Germany, within EU or Europe in general), which draws attention to the enormous, though often neglected*, importance of (high) school economics education, with emphasis on the (very real) risks of learning absolute nonsense from state-sponsored economics courses.  → Read more

Remodeling Europe’s churches (with a focus on Transylvania’s old ‘fortress churches’)

This is a very, very interesting article from Newsweek International about the status of old churches throughout all of Europe (with pros and cons to maintaining or converting them etc). Inter alia, they do not forget mentioning Paradiso, one of the most famous clubs in Amsterdam (and certainly one of my favourites), obtained by transforming an old church.  → Read more