Sunday night econlinks

  • Bilingualism and early child development: very interesting brand-new research in PNAS (institutional or individual subscription needed, else only abstract is free). And yes, bilingualism clearly pays off, if you were wondering.
  • Vienna and the largest Swiss cities top Mercer’s quality of living index for ’09, while Munich appears to be the winner if you account simultaneously for both quality of living (position 7) and infrastructure (position 2).
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Test your Macroeconomics knowledge

…by doing this NYTimes 18 multiple-choice questions quiz (via Greg Mankiw).
This is obviously piece of cake if you did any (ok: any decent) introductory Economics courses (if you did not do any Econ but read frequently the economic news and understand some basics, you should still be able to answer correctly at least 10 of the 18 questions– my own approximation here), but I still like the way they structured the multiple choices: I actually had to stay more than a few seconds for some of the questions :-).  → Read more

Science article on the Ad Astra organization of Romanian scientists

Reaching for the stars in Romania. Nice article on Ad Astra, Romanian science and education in general– and also nice brief profiling of Razvan Florian and Liviu Giosan, the Ad Astra “founding fathers”. A bit annoying that Science is reacting only now in this regard, but better later than never…

The fringe benefits of failure

Possibly the best short read of the week. In any case, surely the best speech for a class of university graduates I’ve ever happened onto. J.K. Rowling, the benefits of failure and, more than anything, the importance of imagination (You can also watch the video of the speech– if not loading, it is also on YouTube already, in several copies…).  → Read more

Econlinks today

  • Here’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard so far, within the academic publishing business: deliberately slowing things down by sitting a whole month on each submission before doing anything with it.
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