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Spre Excelenta in Cercetarea si Invatamantul Post-Universitar in Stiintele Economice din Romania

Invit comentarii la discutia mea de 50 de minute live cu Marius Benta– excelenta gazda a rubricii “Vocile Clujului”– de la Digi24 Cluj-Napoca, 28 iulie 2015, despre (o parte din) pasii necesari pentru atingerea excelentei in cercetarea stiintifica din Stiintele Economice (dar si in general) in Romania→ Read more

Dupa un deceniu, aceleasi intrebari: 1+10 intrebari despre viziunea candidatilor prezidentiali din 2014 (turul II) privind cercetarea, stiinta si tehnologia in Romania

Acum exact 10 ani, adresam cateva intrebari prezidentiabililor de atunci, despre viziunile/ ideile/ planurile lor privind cercetarea stiintifica din Romania. Articolul original a aparut pe portalul online ‘Romania Libera in Viitor’ (RLIV), mai tarziu transformat in ziarul online ‘ACUM’, si poate fi citit in PDF aici→ Read more

1a Editie a Conferintei Economistilor Romani din Mediul Academic din Strainatate (ERMAS). Comunicat al Coordonatorilor.

La adresele web si respectiv veti gasi programul recent actualizat al Primei Editii a Conferintei Stiintifice a Economistilor Romani din Mediul Academic din Strainatate (ERMAS), gazduita de Universitatea Babes-Bolyai (UBB), Facultatea de Stiinte Economice si Gestiunea Afacerilor (FSEGA), la Cluj-Napoca, intre 18-22 August 2014 (potentiale completari/ actualizari pana la versiunea finala sunt posibile).  → Read more

Econlinks: The Dale T. Mortensen Nobel edition

  • The most recent event under this heading is the Northwestern conference in the honor of Dale— with some very good and some not so good presentations…– featuring also some  very (and some not so) entertaining speeches by former Mortensen students, co-authors, advisers etc, either at the dinner at the Northwestern Allen Center on Friday evening, or at the drinks & snacks session at Beverly and Dale’s splendid home (photo with Ija on their balcony) on Saturday evening.
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Econlinks: In degrees of awesomeness

  • Greg Mankiw seems to be arguing for a European-type separate master + PhD graduate Econ program– such as those at LSE, Oxford, Pompeu Fabra, Tinbergen Institute, and (I guess) the newish Paris School of Economics entity– rather than the US-type graduate PhD package, which comes with a (usually elective) master on the way (that is somewhat ironic, given the desire of the typical high-aspiring European place to ultimately emulate the US top places).
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Econlinks: Kamelåså et al

  • Before I come up with my Econ Nobel forecast — a week to go, stay tuned– let us take a look to the 2010 Nobel Ig prizes related to Economics. The Economics Ig Nobel itself is perhaps not very unexpected this year–though not very creative either (I wonder whether Oliver Stone is behind this too; his latest movie gets pretty mediocre reviews– IMDb, RottenTomatoes— despite all the hype).
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Sunday night econlinks

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Sunday econlinks

  • One of the reasons I just love reading Landsburg: he is acid and funny. Here’s something that hopefully will open a longer exchange between him and Krugman: I really think Steve Landsburg is the proper counterpart to Paul Krugman in any debate (NB: Mankiw is great, but too serious and not engaging–understandably– enough in the type of debate Krugman seems to love).
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