Song of the Day: “When the Lady Smiles”, by Golden Earring

Despite the fact that Viacom is sueing the hell out of YouTube and a lot of good videoclips had to be consequently removed, the show must/will go on! Long live YouTube! The artists I propose for today are Golden Earring (Wiki entry in English and Wiki entry in Dutch, more complete; an autobiography here), an amazing, incredibly long-lived, Dutch rockband (singing in English all their songs)- btw, I talked previously about another great Dutch band, on this blog– , highly underrated everywhere else except in The Netherlands (Golden Earring is the best Dutch rockband ever!)- and I still do not understand why.  → Read more

My top 25 movies

I was mentioning recently that I should attempt to make a top 25 of my favourite movies. Now, before anything else, I should say that this is a very dynamic top and hence, it is my top 25 movies at this very moment: for instance, a year ago it looked a bit different and there are still dozens of movies (both old and very recent) on my “must see” list (I really did not see that many…), which could jump anywhere in this top (by the way, your suggestions are very welcome!).  → Read more