‘Waking Life’ or ‘Salsa Dancing with My Confusion’

I’ve just found this very nice short clip on YouTube about the ‘making of’ one of my favourite movies of all times (on certain criteria it is in my top 5 and for sure on top 10 all movies I have ever seen- which , by the way, gives me the idea of compiling a list with my top 25 or so, for a future post).  → Read more

Academic tenure: to be or not to be?

Excellent post of Steven Levitt on whether giving tenure in the academic environment (in Economics, in particular) makes any sense. Of course- and Levitt should know that, but maybe he doesn’t, since he does not say anything about it- both Richard Posner and Gary Becker extensively talked about this (and about tenure in general, though they did focus on the academic and judicial settings) on their common blog, more than a year ago (they also came back on the topic with answers to comments received on the initial posts, see Posner’s reply to comments and Becker’s reply to comments, respectively).  → Read more